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About AstrologicalGem.com:

Natural Gemstones for Vedic Astrology and Ayurveda
natural untreated jyotish gemstones

We take our mission statement very seriously:

To get the right gemstones to the right people - for the right purpose.

To always do this with honesty, integrity, and with complete customer satisfaction.

For the last 40 years, we've been serving the worldwide community of Vedic astrologers and their clients by providing top quality, natural gemstones for Jyotish (Vedic astrology) and Ayurveda.

Jay, our buyer, travels internationally to purchase these gemstones at the source - often directly at the mines - so that he can acquire the world's best selection of vibrant, finely cut stones at the lowest prices possible.

On these buying trips, Jay selects from vastly greater quantities and varieties of stones than is possible while buying in the U.S. or Western Europe. Because of this, he is able to find and select those exceptional 1-2% of stones that are Jyotish Quality and have a sweet, sattvic feel. He brings them to clients at prices that jewelers often pay.

Jay is a Graduate-in-Residence Gemologist of the prestigious Gemological Institute of America with 43 years of experience in every area of the gem business.

His mission is to provide the right gems to the right people for the right purpose, for the betterment of customers and the world.

"It is extremely satisfying to me to shop the world for these remarkable sattvic gems and bring them to my customers at exceptionally low prices," says Jay about his mission.

In addition to his impeccable professional qualifications, Jay's involvement with meditation and inner work has created an appreciation of the finer, more subtle aspects of selecting gemstones with that sweet, sattvic feel. You can have complete confidence when you allow Jay to select your astrological and healing gems.


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