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Natural Gemstones for Vedic Astrology and Ayurveda

Astrological Gemstones: What Makes Them Jyotish Quality?

Jyotish Gemstones are Natural.
They are not treated or enhanced by man. They are never chemically colored. They are quite rare to find. It is estimated that approximately 97% of all gemstones today are treated or enhanced by man. This is to be avoided for Jyotish purposes.*

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The Beauty of Fine Gemstones Comes From Color, Clarity and Cutting.

Each gem species has a wide range of color. Directly related to the desired effect is the quality of the gemstone's color, its tone, and its modifying shades.

The size, type, and placement of included material or "flaws" within a gemstone can greatly influence its value. Each gem species has its own allowable tolerance for inclusions, but we look for freedom from eye-visible flaws and freedom from black inclusions - even at 10-20x magnification.

However, not all included material is undesirable. Within these parameters, some types of inclusions are highly desirable, such as inclusions that are used to determine if a material has been enhanced or is natural, inclusions helpful in separating natural-mined gemstones from man-made synthetics, and inclusions used to establish country of origin.

The skill of the lapidary artist in fashioning the rough gemstone into the finished shape, size, and cut is critical to its beauty and value. The cutting of the gemstone maximizes its display of brilliance, dispersion, and color. A Jyotish gemstone should be a well-cut jewel whose sparkle delights the eye and pleases the heart.

You can't spot this visually, even through a microscope. Yet it is one of the most important attributes of a fine Jyotish gem. The sweetness, or sattva, of a particular gemstone is a combination of all the qualities we've listed above, PLUS the "life" quality of the gem itself, which goes beyond its physical or optical properties.

The purest quality of a Jyotish gemstone is more than the sum of its parts. It is the essence of the gem that shines through its color, clarity, and cutting. One naturally desires this sweetness.

For more information on Jay's unique ability to select Jyotish gemstones, please read the article Sattvic Gemstones, published by the CVA Journal in 2005.

Our buyer, Jay, will fill your Jyotish prescriptions accurately and with that extra perception that spots the difference between a good gemstone and an outstanding one.

A 1981 honor graduate of the Gemological Institute of America, Jay has spent 34 years developing his expertise in the selection of rare, but reasonably priced, precious gemstones. He travels to the gem source countries and buys as close to the mines as possible.

J.B. is one of America's leading suppliers of high quality, Jyotish gemstones recommended by some of the world's top Vedic astrologers. As the senior gemstone buyer for America's premiere jewelry and gemstone television shopping network, he travels the world and is responsible for purchasing tens of millions of dollars of loose gemstones per year. He is also one of the nation's primary experts in colored gemstones and is frequently quoted in the trade magazines.

In addition to his impeccable professional qualifications, Jay's 43-year involvement with meditation and inner work has cultivated an appreciation of the finer aspects of selecting gemstones with that sattvic "feel." You can have complete confidence when you allow him to fulfill your Jyotish gemstone needs.

**Heated rubies can be acceptable for Jyotish purposes because the Sun is a hot planet. Unheated rubies are exceptionally rare and desirable, but not required. Virtually all emeralds are oiled as soon as they come out of the mines. This does not necessarily spoil  their Jyotish properties. It depends on their original clarity and to what degree the oiling has affected the stone. 

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