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Why Astrologers Recommend AstrologicalGem.com

James Braha

"Referring my clients to Jay over the last five years has been joyful, successful and easy. Jay's integrity is absolute, his prices are excellent, and his stones are always natural and of the finest quality. I recommend Jay's services to every astrologer and client I know. My clients are always satisfied with his gemstones and professional manner. And unlike other gemologists I have recommended, Jay never lets a client walk away because of their financial condition. He is totally service oriented and his prices are among the lowest in the business. The decision I made 5 years ago to send my clients to Jay was the best thing I have ever done."

James Kelleher

"In my astrological practice, I am frequently asked by clients to recommend a good source for Jyotish quality gemstones. In the past, this has always been a difficult and frustrating recommendation to make, because it requires a referral to someone who has virtues and talents in multiple areas. Such a gem dealer must first be totally honest and reliable. He should not only be an expert Western gemologist, but also be well versed in the Vedic literature pertaining to Jyotish gemstones. There are actually a handful of gemologists around the country that meet these requirements. The reason I now recommend Jay to my clients, however, is that he not only possesses the above basic requirements, but also gives consistently competitive prices and excellent service to my clients. Now when I recommend a stone to a client and he or she asks, 'Where can I get such a gem?' I just relax and chant the mantra, 'Jay'. "

Dennis Harness

"Over the past decade, I have referred many clients and students to Jay for Jyotish quality gemstones. I have great confidence in his ability and integrity in providing good service and guaranteed customer satisfaction with his work."

Kristina Flanagan

"The use of remedial gemstones to lighten difficult planetary effects is one of the most delicate and rewarding aspects of Vedic astrology. As with all such spiritual practices, the "dharma" of all those involved has a direct influence on the remediation. My clients who have suffered from back pain, lung ailments, chronic depression, and alcoholism, to mention a few issues have all had direct and immediate relief through the use of gems Jay has found for them. You can get a fine sapphire from many different dealers, but to find one that heals is quite a different order. Jay offers an unusual gift to the astrologer and seeker who are moved to make an investment in their spiritual and emotional growth. I cannot recommend his service highly enough."

Lori Toye

"Every gem Jay has sent me is impeccable. I never hesitate to recommend clients to him because his knowledge and insight of Jyotish gemstones is integral and inspirational. Through this important support and counsel the outwardly materialistic aspect of wearing jewelry becomes a heavenly, intentional blessing through a sacred object."

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